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Men's Weight Loss Diet - Diet for Men, Hearing the word diet, we automatically think of women because most often, they go crazy sitting on different types of diets. However, the male diet also exists, and by the way, is very different from the female diet. It is necessary to understand that a man's body spends much more than a woman's, which means that a man's diet for weight loss requires about 1500 more calories than a woman's. Today on the site, and specifically in this article, we will tell you how you can lose weight, introduce you to different nutrition types, and help you identify the main mistakes that men make every day.

Main foods during the male diet

As a drink, you need to take: tea, water, coffee without sugar. It is advisable to drink coffee after meals. Thus, I use its property to speed up metabolism. (Similarly to how it is done in a chocolate diet) Vegetable salad should be seasoned with lemon juice, garlic, and herbs, but it is strongly forbidden to add mayonnaise to the salad when dieting because these products have many calories. For the whole day, you can eat 2 fruits (orange or apple). It should be remembered that the calorie content of many diets is designed for low physical activity. If you need to have an average physical activity by the nature of your activity, you should not use a low-calorie diet.

Let's work on the errors:

  • You eat more food than you need. With the help of Internet resources, you can calculate the required consumption of kilocalories in accordance with your parameters.
  • You are eating junk food. Include vegetables and fish in your diet; you will have to switch to steaming food.
  • Irregular food. You must train yourself and your body to eat on schedule. In this case, the metabolism is normalized, thereby the weight will begin to go away.
  • Liquid calories. What would you understand in alcohol also contains calories, so for the time of losing weight, it is necessary to limit yourself from drinking, or even better, to refuse altogether.
  • The interaction of the complexes. Do not think that physical activity alone gives a quick result, for this you need to lose weight in a complex way, that is, playing sports and following proper nutrition.

Each man is arranged differently, and each suits something different. However, each overweight person has their own bad habits that need to be identified and stopped. Stock up on willpower and not a little patience because this will not be an easy path. But upon achieving the result, you will be proud of yourself.

An approximate menu of a male diet for weight loss

In losing weight, it is very important to observe proper nutrition (PP). A diet for men is complicated because a man is used to eating hearty food. You just need to eat five times a day on a diet because your body requires much more energy than the female body. The website presents you with several types of food at once for each meal separately. Thus, you can compose your menu according to your budget, preferences, and make it varied. Because monotonous food will quickly get bored with you, and you risk losing it. Proper nutrition for men:


  1. A plate of buckwheat or oatmeal without sugar in water, one apple.
  2. Fresh vegetables, 100 grams of boiled chicken, and a slice of cheese.
  3. Half a grapefruit, one boiled egg, and a slice of gray bran bread.


  1. Vegetable salad with boiled chicken fillet. Fillet 50g, vegetables 100g.
  2. Steamed fish 100g + vegetable juice.
  3. 50 grams of spaghetti with tomato sauce, 120 grams of ground beef.


  1. 100g boiled chicken fillet, 200g boiled potatoes, 40g low-fat cottage cheese.
  2. 150 grams of baked liver, two tomatoes, and a glass of juice.
  3. 120 grams of pork chop and 120 grams of boiled young potatoes.

Afternoon snack:

  1. 200 grams of boiled jacket potatoes + boiled beans 120 g.
  2. One slice of bran bread, 75g ham, and a glass of low-fat kefir.
  3. Vegetable soup.


  1. Two egg omelet with chopped tomatoes and herbs, and 2 slices of bran bread.
  2. Two slices of black bread + scrambled eggs with tomatoes from two eggs.
  3. A couple of pieces of wholemeal bread and 90 grams of tuna.

We also advise you to read our article on what you can and cannot eat for men. In it, we have compiled lists of the most harmful and useful products for men's health.

Based on the proposed options, you can independently compose a menu for your daily diet. Considering the combination of vitamins, you should receive the number of vitamins that a man needs per day. But the best thing is to drink a vitamin complex throughout the entire diet so that the body does not have stress. Consider the amount of physical activity in the calculation because you will spend the energy obtained from food on them.

How can a man not go on a diet?

In order not to break loose and not quit losing weight, a man needs support. It is very good if you will lose weight together with your girlfriend, but you can also arrange a competition with a friend. 

Remember that you need to strictly adhere to the established PP for two weeks strictly, so your body will get used to this rhythm, and then it will be easier. Optimal weight loss for men, no more than 5 kilograms per month, otherwise stretch marks may appear. After a couple of months, you can give yourself small indulgences, but small ones, because if you really want to, you can. wishes you good luck in achieving your goal and advises you to come up with motivation and rewards for each achievement.

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